PUMP INDUSTRY-The 7th FLOWTECH CHINA Shanghai International Pump & Valve Exhibition

Time: 2018-06-01

The 7th FLOWTECH CHINA Shanghai InternationalPump & Valve Fair held on May 31 to June 2nd, 2018, was grandly opened atthe National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). The number ofexhibitors exceeded 1,000. This exhibition set up two exhibition halls forpumps and complete sets of water supply and valve fittings. There are alsothree special theme exhibitions: the municipal industrial pipe and pipeexhibition, the theme exhibition of chemical fluids and environmentalprotection, and the theme exhibition of smart water supply technology andequipment to create a multi-dimensional Visit experience in all directions.

Highlightsof the exhibition

1. International first-line brand annualnew product designation starting platform.

2. Top 100 end-user buyers purchase dockingand experience exchange.

3.28 front-end real-world applicationsolutions for the end-user industry.

4. Unique building water supply anddrainage and HVAC valve pipe display.

5. Sewage system integration equipmentmeets one-stop shopping.

6. The mainstream manufacturers of smartwater supply equipment assembly.

7. The best solution for chemical processand environmental fluid delivery.

8. Two new display areas of waterconservancy irrigation and new pipelines.


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