DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP-Misunderstanding in the use of pumps

Time: 2018-06-13

Manypeople use water pumps maybe ignore many details and there are also manymisunderstandings. Here we analyze and resolve the common misunderstandings ofthe use of these pumps.

1. High head pump for low head pumping

Inorder to prevent motor overload, it is generally required that the pump'sactual pumping head should not be less than 60% of the nominal head. When thehigh head is used for pumping water with too low head, the motor is easilyoverloaded and generates heat. In severe cases, the motor may be damaged.

2. Large diameter pump with small Waterpipe pumping

Manypeople think Large diameter pump  withsmall Water pipe pumping can increase the actual head. In fact, after the pipediameter is reduced, the actual head of the pump will not increase, willdecrease, resulting in a drop in the pump efficiency.

3. Theoutlet is above the normal water level in the outlet basin

Ifthe outlet is above the normal water level in the outlet basin, the pump headis increased but the flow is reduced. If due to topographical conditions, thewater outlet must be higher than the water level of the outlet basin, thenelbows and short tubes should be installed at the outlet to reduce the heightof the outlet.

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