PUMP INDUSTRY-Italy's Global Pump Industry Base Is Being Caught Up By Wenling

Time: 2018-07-17

In the domestic market, Taizhou pump and motorindustry has a significant influence. In the world, Taizhou pump and motorindustry also plays an important role. It is the world's most important smallpump and motor manufacturing base. At present, the main research anddevelopment production base of the global pump industry in the north-centralpart of Italy is gradually being caught up by taizhou Wenling.

However, there is still a big gap between thestate of Taizhou's pump and Top position in the global market. Taizhou pump andmotor industry lacks “star” enterprises, and no pump company has entered thetop ten brands in the global pump industry.

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At the same time, compared with the foreign advancedproducts, the products of Taizhou Pump Industry still rely on the priceadvantage and the batch advantage to occupy the market due to the low-endlocking effect of the industrial value chain. The added value of the productsis not high, and the profitability of the enterprises is weak. Still have to beimproved.

There are gaps and more room for development. Throughlong-term research and development investment and technology accumulation,Taizhou pumps and motors show a good trend of fission expansion. At the sametime, the cluster advantage of Taizhou pump and motor industry also makesTaizhou and international industry cooperation more frequent. Well-known pumpcompanies around the world are also actively seeking cooperation with TaizhouPump Industry, such as Danish Grundfos, Japan Ebara, US ITT, German Wilo and soon.

The only way to maintain the competitive advantage of WenlingPump and the motor industry and develop it into a world-class industrial highlandis to give play to its advantages, improve short-board, and build a globalhigh-end industrial cluster of pumps and motors, making Wenling a technologicalhighland in the pump and motor industry. High-scale, high-supply chain,high-land manufacturing, and high-landed talents form a high-tech, low-cost,high value-added sustainable development advantage.

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