DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP-Difful Solar Submersible Pump Installation Video

Time: 2018-07-26
Summary: Difful solar submersible pump install video and instructions,Help customers better use Difful solar water pumps.

Difful solar submersible pumps are loved by manysunny areas and are sold in more than 70 countries and territories. In order toallow customers to better use Difful solar submersible pumps, Difful companyshot a set of Difful solar submersible pump installation videos for customersto see.

1Open thewooden box and take out the solar submersible pump, controller and otheraccessories.

2Open thecontroller cover and link the solar panel to the controller with a cable.

3Link the pumpand controller through the cable on the solar pump.

4Fix the waterpipe to the solar water pump outlet.

5A rope isattached to the solar water pump to place the solar water pump into the well orto remove it from the well.

6Turn on thecontroller switch to see if the controller is properly enabled.

7Put theconnected water pump into the water, the water can be discharged normally, andthe pump installation is completed.

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