DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP- Causes and Troubleshooting of Insufficient Pump Flow and Excessive Power

Time: 2018-08-08
Summary: DIFFUL submersible pump-Causes and troubleshooting of insufficient pump flow;DIFFUL deep well pump-Causes and troubleshooting of Pump power too large.

Causes and troubleshooting of insufficient pumpflow:

1. Reason: The pipeline and the pump runner impeller arepartially blocked, the scale is accumulated, and the valve opening isinsufficient.

Remedy: Remove the blockage and re-adjust the valve opening.

2. Reason: The voltage is low.

Remedy: Voltage regulation.

3. Reason: The impeller wears.

Remedy: Replace the impeller.

Causes and troubleshooting of Pump power toolarge:

1. Reason: Exceeding the rated flow rate.

Remedy: Adjust the flow outlet valve.

2. Reason: The suction stroke is too high.

Remedy: Reduce.

3. Reason: The water pump bearing is worn.

Remedy: Replace the bearing.



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