DIFFUL SOLAR PUMP - Yunnan Photovoltaic Water Lifting Technology Leads the World

Time: 2018-08-25

The photovoltaic water lifting technology developed by Professor Liu Zuming of Yunnan Normal University has repeatedly broken the world record. More than 100 photovoltaic pumping stations have been built in Yunnan and Sichuan, and the total amount of water pumping exceeds 3 million cubic meters per year. Through the application of clean and environmentally friendly energy, it solved the problem of drinking water and agricultural irrigation in a batch of villages and people, and promoted local economic and social development.

Photovoltaic water pump system

Photovoltaic water pump is a water lifting system that uses solar photovoltaic power to directly drive the water pump. Because the sun changes at any time, it is very technically difficult to keep the pump in a high efficiency range. After four consecutive years of drought in 2009, Yunnan has supported the solar energy research institute of Yunnan Normal University and the Provincial Key Laboratory of Rural Energy Engineering under the support of the Provincial Science and Technology Department, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission Energy Bureau and the Provincial Water Resources Department. Professor Liu Zuming's team conducted in-depth research on the photovoltaic pump system and achieved a series of technological breakthroughs.There are a number of inventions, utility model patents and know-how, in the dynamic maximum power tracking of photovoltaic pump systems, response to solar turbulence, multi-pump intelligent control technology, remote monitoring technology, various types of pump applications, and cheap winter pipeline antifreeze technology. Innovative; took the lead in realizing the photoelectric cross-parallel, orbital water intake and multi-stage multi-pump intelligent control of photovoltaic pumps at home and abroad; overcoming the confluence vibration problem of large-scale photovoltaic pumping stations using high-pressure piston pumps; MW-class photovoltaic pump construction; multiple times to update the world's photovoltaic pump scale, single-stage lift and total lift record.


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