DIFFUL Solar pump--Pump Protection and maintenance methods

Time: 2019-04-19
Summary: In the process of using water pumps, in order to better use the water pump and extend the service life of the pump, we all Regular maintenance and maintenance of the pump is required. The following is a brief introduction.
Pump maintenance and maintenance methods
often check the seals
When the submersible pump enters the water, it will cause the motor to be short-circuited. Therefore, before use, the various seals of the submersible pump must be inspected. It is found that the looseness should be tightened in time. If the seal is damaged, replace the new one in time. After every 50 hours of operation, the submersible pump should be grounded and the seals checked to ensure safe use.
Timing oil change
After the oil-immersed submersible pump has been in operation for 500 hours, the oil in the sealed chamber should be replaced. After working for one year, the oil in the motor cavity should be replaced. And should pay attention to the brand of oil, the engine oil used by the submersible pump is generally No. 5 oil or No. 10 oil. Different grades of engine oil cannot be mixed. After the wet submersible pump has been running for 2000 hours, the lubricating oil needs to be replaced once. The replaced lubricating oil is lithium-based grease, and the calcium-based grease cannot be used.
Regular derusting
After one year of use, the submersible pump should be inspected for corrosion, removed from rust, and coated with a layer of anti-corrosive paint to protect it.
Regular maintenance
After every two years of use, the submersible pump should be thoroughly inspected, folded all parts, inspected, cleaned, lubricated, and reassembled.
Storage and maintenance
When the submersible pump is not used for a long time, do not immerse it in water. It should be mentioned on the ground, dry and stained, and placed in a dry and ventilated room.
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