Asia-References in Philippines

3 inch DC brushless solar submersible pump with S/S impeller application reference

● Location: Philippines

● Max Flow: 4.8 m3/h

● Max Head: 95 m

● Power: 750 W

          User Feedback Diagram

The Philippines is located in the southeastern part of Asia and is a Tropical monsoon forest climate with long sunshine hours.

The Philippines is a target market for solar water pumps. Solar water pumps are becoming more and more popular in the local area.

A Filipino customer purchased a stainless steel impeller solar submersible pump model 3DSC4.8-95-72-750. This pump uses a permanent magnet DC brushless synchronous motor, which has high working effect, saves energy and reduces the amount of solar panels. The pump uses 304 stainless steel shaft, stainless steel cylinder, stainless steel impeller, Japan NSK bearing, and has a longer service life. The pump is made of alloy mechanical seal, which has a long service life and reliable operation. The pump also has a water shortage protection function, and the program detection automatically stops when there is no water in the well to avoid idling and burning the motor. It can be started automatically after 30 minutes.

Customers purchase this solar water pump to pump clean water from deep wells for drinking water, domestic water, livestock drinking water, etc. The maximum lift of the pump can reach 95m and the maximum flow is 4.8m3/h. It takes four 265W solar panels to work together. Customers are very satisfied with our solar submersible pump after use.

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