America-Reference in Colombia

3 inch S/S impeller solar submersible pump application reference

● Location: Colombia

● Max Flow: 4 m3/h

● Max Head: 80 m

● Power: 600 W

          User Feedback Diagram

Located in the northwest of South America, Colombia is located in the tropics and the climate varies depending on the terrain. It is dominated by a tropical rain forest climate, and it is dominated by tropical grasslands and dry grasslands in the north. The rainfall gradually decreases from south to north. In the large area of savanna climate, there are still year-round high-temperature weather, but in this range, it is not as rainy as in the southern region.

According to the climate characteristics of Colombia, solar water pumps are very popular locally. The 3DSC4-80-48-600 stainless steel impeller solar submersible pump is the best-selling model in Colombia. This solar submersible pump has a maximum flow of 4m³ / h and a maximum head of 80m. It only needs to be equipped with 4 200W solar panels to provide energy. This water pump can meet the water supply needs of most families and farmers, with high-cost performance and good product performance.

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